Download the full ABSCO / HEXIES pricelist

ABSCO garden sheds, aviaries and chicken coops* are high quality, easy to assemble outdoor structures. They come in a range of sizes, styles and finishes and are built from tough Bluescope Steel to ensure long-lasting strength. Most are available in Zincalume® or a choice of Colorbond® colours.

Absco kit sheds also feature the revolutionary SNAPTiTE® assembly system which reduces the need for fasteners by 75% and reduces your own assembly time by up to 80%.

Hexies™ Raised Garden Beds* are available in an attractive range of Colorbond® colours, and unique hexagonal, square and rectangular shapes in a number of sizes to suit any space.

The garden beds offer innovative design, five year warranty and easy assembly using quality steel. They allow you to grow on any level surface, regardless of soil quality, and create your own unique raised garden in a suburban backyard or an inner-city balcony. Hexies™ Raised Garden Beds can be dismounted, added onto, relocated, and last longer than other products on the market.


*Available from Participating Distributors only.

ABSCO products are provided by ABSCO Industries Pty Ltd and distributed through the FDS Distributor Network. ABSCO products including, garden sheds, aviaries and coops are designed to Australian Standards applicable to their class of structure and hence do not comply with ASI Shed Safe Accreditation.